This week has been crazy:

Went down south to the Santana Row tree lighting on Tuesday.

Flew out to Monterrey, Mexico on Wednesday for MVCC (Mexican Venture Capital Conference).

Conference activities on Thursday.

Early wake-up on Friday to hear pitches. Bus to airport left 1pm CST.

Arrived at Monterrey private terminal. Took an hour to get Mexican immigration officers to the terminal, after which they inspected bags.

Originally, plan was to fly Monterrey → Tucson → San Jose. Ended up doing Monterrey → Laredo to pass through US Customs. Still stopped in Tucson to fuel up, adding an hour and a half to our flight time.

Arrived 3 hours later than expected. Split an uber to SF with some conference folks.

Began pregame. 20 mins later, rolled out to Bill Graham.

Aoki was playing when I got there. Great concert, left around midnight.

Got back to apartment, baked a frozen pizza.

Today: heading to LA, returning Monday.

Later: Thanksgiving, Black Friday, clubbing.


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