Master of None

I’m very nearly done watching the second season. (Yes, I’ve been watching a lot of TV lately.)

I have never connected with a TV show more closely than with Master of None. Aziz Ansari fundamentally connects with people near my age. The issues he faces during the show truly speak to us and the challenges we face. Much like how 13 Reasons Why connected with a younger demographic, Master of None connects with the slightly-older millennial crowd.

I watched the second season quickly because I ate up each episode like I do Domino’s pizzas. The bite-size episode lengths lend themselves well to binging.

But it’s the grace and warmth that Aziz uses to tackle issues like sexuality, friendships, and parents that makes the series so welcoming and resonant.

This article from Vox sums it up pretty well:

Go watch it. In fact, I’d say it should be mandatory viewing for those in the 20–30 age range. That’s how good it is.

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