Mind vice

“let me crush it in my mind vice.”

In the end, all we need is a place to unload our mental burdens.

I’ve been trying an app called Sibly, and it’s a mental health coach. It’s valuable at times and ignorable at times. But that’s okay. Sometimes we need less to think about, not more. Try it because it’s cheaper than therapy.

But one of the great benefits to having quality friends is the feedback and advice they give you. When times are tough, they’re there for you to turn to. They know you well enough to know what you need to hear. That’s crucial.

Occasionally, you don’t want feedback. All you want is to rant and release: you want to externalize all of your internal thoughts. You want to purge so you don’t have to think them. A good friend should know when you want to be heard, not challenged.

In the end, all we want is to be heard.

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