all empty except for the stuff i’m leaving behind. :’( the feels

Moving day

It’s been a long day.

Moving took about 9 hours total. It was a classic one-man-and-a-minivan approach: I took the day off work to get all my stuff from the Mission to Inner Richmond. Overall, great success.

I have a fair bit of stuff, but the hardest part of the move was all of the furniture. Even disassembled, furniture is a hassle to move. I was prepared to try a service like Lugg, but I realized it would be rather pricey to move all of my stuff. I opted to save some cash and do it myself.

Stairs are painful. Moving stuff down three flights of stairs was about equal to moving the same things up one flight of stairs. Even though I don’t plan on moving for a while (definitely not now!), I must say: it’d be nice if the next place I found had an elevator.

Dedicated parking is crucial. Having to illegally park in an alleyway to get my old stuff out was difficult enough: having to move everything in using the same setup is even worse. I never experienced it in-person because most of my stuff was moved step-by-step over the course of a year.

My body seems to be taking all of the lifting fine: I might wake up in pain tomorrow.

Let’s not do this again for a while.

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