If you’re around someone a lot, you get to know them pretty well.

I’ve stayed close with my college buddies who are in the Bay Area: we ate, drank, hung out, and worked together throughout college. We continue doing so in a rather natural way, because it’s how we’ve always operated.

In contrast, the folks with whom I interact for work-related reasons stay one level below my best college friends. It’s easy to email someone and mention, “we should get coffee sometime and catch up!” But it’s hard to follow through because life gets in the way. It’s too easy to let these people slide through the cracks because they naturally fall lower on the priority list.

There’s something to be said about hacking this process. By simply forcing yourself to be around specific others, you’ll naturally get closer: that’s how humans work. So that’s what I need to work on: picking certain people and making reasons to be around them to build a tighter bond.

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