Slack apps = command line

I have trouble using productivity tools within Slack.

Oftentimes, I’m able to seamlessly work a productivity tool into my workflow. Things like Wunderlist (now I use Todoist) and Slack were easy to integrate. I use their dedicated apps on most of my devices, and it makes me get shit done faster.

The realization occurred to me today that most Slack productivity tools work within the framework of the message box. Same goes for iMessage or Facebook Messenger apps. Inherently, these tools are limited to whatever you can type into the box. Sure, you can add fancy features by typing in specific symbols or words, but ultimately, you are still confined to the box.

What does this remind me of? The command-line interface.

The reason we moved to GUIs is because it’s easier to use something spatial. Text-based tools are not as efficient because they require you to distill your desired actions into words. For some, this might work. For me and many other people, visual-based actions are much easier to handle and integrate better into our workflows.

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