Thoughts on SF housing

  • You must give your landlord notice at a reasonable time (the earlier the better), but often that will happen without having found a new place. I’ve told my roommates I’m moving out in a couple of months, but I’ve just started the search.
  • I can see how “tech workers” (the category of people consisting of younger folks with relatively high incomes who often work in tech) can quickly displace families. When viewing an apartment today, we were easily bumped to the top of the queue simply because we were relatively-trustworthy folks who have relatively-high incomes. We can easily eat up housing supply that would be reasonable for those not in our category.
  • Public transportation in SF is an issue for a number of neighborhoods. Sure, it’s possible to walk to BART/Muni stations, but this is often inconvenient. With the entire situation about parking, driving is also not possible.
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