IUI for Infertility Treatment in India

Intrauterine insemination is a technique used for assisted reproduction purposes. The procedure is done in a well-equipped infertility clinic by an expert who is experienced and well-trained. IUI requires a doctor to inject sperms into a woman’s womb on the first day of ovulation. It is done in cases of male infertility. A male sperms can face different issues which begin from motility, poor quality, and low sperm count. Immobility is where the sperms are unable to reach the egg of a woman in order to fertilize it. The sperms may be slow in other cases. In the case of low sperm count, the man may have difficulties with ejaculation, sperms less than 15 million ml, this is also called Azoospermia.

Other instances that may need IUI are;

Tubal defects


IUI treatment is one of the cheapest infertility treatments in the field of assisted reproduction. IUI treatment in Punjab is also with fertility drugs to increase the success rate. It is given to a couple after the cause of infertility is thoroughly diagnosed, and the age considered. The treatment may cause multiple pregnancies, but the fertility doctor always monitors the pregnancy and ultrasounds are done. The procedure is safe, cost-effective, and effective.

It takes a short time at the clinic and many patients resume their duties on that same day. Effective treatment can be of great help to a couple and that is why one should consider the choice of the clinic before starting on the treatment.

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