More About Hair Loss & Its Causes

Hair loss or baldness is a problem which can’t be ignored and must be cured as soon as possible. Hair plays a vital role in enhancing the confidence as well as personality of an individual. These days, a lot of people are facing hair loss problems but with the advanced technology, it is very easy to recover from these problems.

A surgical technique known as hair transplantation is the most recommended surgery to get rid of these problems. Hair transplant not only helps in recovering lost hair but also helps in building the confidence of hair loss survivor. After the hair transplant surgery, the hair of hair loss survivor grows naturally.

Causes of hair loss in Men

Men hair loss is the most common type of hair loss. While heredity is not always the reason behind the hair loss, there are some other factors which tend to increase the baldness factor in men. These are: -

Tight hair style




Poor diet


Medication and drugs

Causes of hair loss in Women

Hair loss is not faced by men only as women are also facing the same problem. Most women experience it at the age of 50or 60’s but it can happen at any age due to various reasons. Some of these are: -

Nutrition and diet



Life changes

Chemicals and shampoos

Ageing health

Thus Hair transplant is used to recover from hair loss or baldness problems. Various techniques are used in hair transplant surgery. People facing hair loss problems and want to know about best hair transplant centers in Ludhiana, must visit our website. Here you will get the list of best and cost effective centers and thus you can select the best center for your treatment.

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