Scientific Dental Clinic: Emerging name for dental implant treatment needs

Dental health is one of the most important factors to be taken care of for a healthy and wellbeing. Since teeth are really a sensitive part of our bodies, a minor problem can irritate to considerable levels and can cause discomfort. There are times when problem gets complex and nothing else but the implant is the only option we are left with. This has been a concern for a while now and finding a right clinic is another. Thus, Scientific Dental Clinic took it as a concern and came up with the most versatile platform for dental implant and related needs.

For those who haven’t heard of the name before, Scientific Dental Clinic is one of its own types of dental clinics in India which particularly is known for best of the dental implants services. Established in mid-2000, the clinic was founded as a one-stop specialty clinic for all sorts of dental and craniofacial implant treatment. Having practiced implants and cosmetic dentistry for long, the dentists is now capable of handling any of the worst case scenarios in the dental field. Among the patients ever came to clinic with their dental problems, most of them came especially for their implants treatment. This helped Dr. Biju Thomas get better at what he does and he even offers the lifetime warrantee on each of the work done.

Talking about the dentist, Dr. Biiju Thomas, the primary surgeon at Scientific Dental Clinic, has been practicing dentistry for over two decades now, specializing in dental implants. He has worked with some renowned centers in the world of dentistry, of which, Cambridge University Hospital, UK and Trinity University Hospital, Ireland are to name a few. Having treated hundreds of patients in this period he excelled the art of implants and soon achieved specialization in the same. So if you have a missing tooth there, Scientific Dental Clinic is the name you must sought-after for the implant solution.

Other than the implants, Dr. Thomas also has the experience with some cases of cosmetic dentistry as well. Getting it even better the dentist has kept the clinic mercury free and has replaced the metal fillings with tooth colored fillings. It just doesn’t get the aesthetic of the tooth better but also keep it from spoiling its looks. Also, solution to jaw deformation is also available at the clinic. Studying the case from the scratch and keeping the complexities in mind, Dr. Thomas is sure to get the placement of jaw and teeth as they should be and can even reposition them for a balanced appearance.

Conclusively, Scientific Dental Clinic is among those versatile clinics in India where you can find nothing but the best of the dental implant solutions available. To know more about them or to book your appointment, visit

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