Diet During Pregnancy

A healthy eating routine is a vital part of a sound way of life particularly imperative in case you’re pregnant or planning a pregnancy. Eating properly amid pregnancy will help your infant to grow and develop in a healthy manner. Eating properly during pregnancy is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your child.
All things considered, the food you eat is your infant’s fundamental source of nutrition. Careful decisions about pregnancy nutrition can offer you some assistance with promoting your infant’s development and overall health. Experts from Seethapathy Clinic and Hospital say that planning a good and healthy diet chart for pregnancy is more about what you eat rather than about what amount. Limit the intake of junk food, as it has lots of calories that have no nutrition value at all.
Read onto know what all food you must eat during your pregnancy:

  • Milk and dairy items: You must include skimmed milk, yogurt/curd, buttermilk and cheese in your diet on daily basis as these food items are high in calcium, protein and Vitamin B-12. Consult with your doctor about what to eat in case you are lactose intolerant.
  • Cereals, whole grains, pulses and nuts: These are great sources of protein in the event that you don’t eat meat. Veggie lovers need around 45 grams of nuts and 2–3 cups of vegetables for protein every day. One egg, 14 grams of nuts, or ¼ cup of vegetables is viewed as proportional to approximately 28 grams of meat, poultry, or fish.
  • Meat, fish and poultry: If you are a non-vegetarian then you must eat meat, fish and poultry food items as these products give concentrated proteins.
  • Fluids: Drink loads of liquids, particularly water and natural fruit juices. Ensure you drink clean filtered water. Carry your own water bottle when going out of the house, or purchase filtered water from a reputed brand.