Vaginitis Treatment In Chennai

Vaginitis is a common problem faced by women. It is mostly non-contagious but in certain cases it can be contagious. Experts from Seethapathy Clinic and Hospital say that vaginitis is a sort of inflammation of the vaginal mucosa or of the vulva.

There are various symptoms that can indicate the presence of vaginitis. These symptoms include vaginal discharge, irritation, itching, dryness, pain, etc. Researches show that a lot of women keep ignoring these symptoms until the problem reaches in an advanced stage and this makes it more difficult to control it. Health experts suggest that women should pay attention to such symptoms and they must not hesitate in rushing to a gynaecologist as soon as possible.

Vaginitis can be diagnosed by the gynaecologists after examining the vaginal secretions and the treatment depends upon the severity of the symptoms.

There are several causes of vaginitis such as yeast infection, bacterial overgrowth or lack of genital hygiene. Various sexually transmitted diseases such as trichomoniasis, chlamydia and genital herpes can also be the reason behind the occurrence of vaginitis. In some cases typical irritants and allergens such as aromatic soaps, effervesce bath products, lotions, detergents, spermicides and vaginal deodorants can also lead to vaginitis.

Studies suggest that women with multiple partners are at more risk of getting infected by vaginitis as compared to the women with single partners. Such women always stand at a risk of catching various vaginal infections and sexually transmitted diseases.

The most effective way to keep away from vaginitis is to maintain proper genital hygiene. Make sure you keep the vulva clean by washing it with mild soap. You may also take the advice of your gynaecologist in order to take proper precautions so that you can keep yourself away from vaginitis and other similar health issues.