The Beauty of Chameleon

Dedicated to my best friend, Tram.


In essence, she was Black — an unique kind of black that screams, “I am independent, strong-willed and determined”. In all its subtleties and nuances, she exudes strength and power in every step she takes, every word she says and every little movement you can think of. But black, too, is intimidating, unfriendly and unapproachable. An epitome of utmost malevolence. A symbol of darkness and fear. A perfect emblem of death. And well my friend, the power she evokes is entirely different from it.

Instead, it is the type of power that is pure and uncontaminated from hatred and suppression. Yes, she leads and takes control. But no, she was not an authoritarian or a dictator of any sorts. She was not consumed in her egotistical avarice for power. And so, she is not Black and Black is not her.


In essence, she was Red — the kind of red that represents the vitality from her physical movement. She does everything with clarity, sharpness and resilience. However, this does not only apply to her physical strength but also her emotional and spiritual strength, for they create an aura around her which signifies a pioneering spirit of passion and competitiveness. Thus, an internal energising force is translated into the external environment for everyone to admire and respect. But red, too, is aggressive, hasty and suffocating for it allows no time for procrastination. And well my friend, she is entirely different from that.

Instead, she is much more laid back. She was competitive, but not aggressive. She was determined, but quite lazy at times. She did not need to rush, for she knows her limits and stop whenever she overheats. And so, she is not Red and Red is not her.


In essence, she was Blue — the kind of blue that exhibits reliability and wisdom for she is a helper, a saviour, and most importantly, a friend in need. In times of difficulty, she is always the one to confide on for support and advice, the one to be trusted with and the one who is a giver and not a talker. The sincere nature of her personality can be seen through every subtle action she does — the loyalty she devoted to her loved ones, how she is always willingly to give someone a hand in need and the tactful way in which she delivers the truth . It is, without a doubt, that blue runs in her veins. But blue, too, is conservative, predictable and reluctant to change. And well my friend, she is entirely different from it.

Instead, she approaches everything with an open mind as well as an open arm to welcome challenges ahead of her. Flexible, liberal and accepting , she is not Blue and Blue is not her.


In essence, she was Green — the kind of green that whispers the quintessence of practicality and vitality. Continually growing and seeking ways for renewal, she restores herself and her loved ones back to a sense of well-being by combining her perseverance , persistence and strength to deal with adversity with the strong sense of judgment from her high moral standards. A kind, generous and compassionate, she was. But green, too, is not action-orientated. It is a bystander who only observes as the world go by. And well my friend, she is entirely different.

Instead, she is the person who would be involved in direct actions to solve the problem. She is initiative and she will not hold back when things go against her moral conscience. And so, she is not Green and Green is not her


In essence, she was Orange — the kind of orange that radiates warmth and happiness. Being around her, you can feel yourself absorbing the enthusiastic energy she gives off, the spontaneity of her bold actions and the adventurous nature of her personality. She is a brave person, a bold one for she almost always follows her instincts, stepping out of her comfort zone to experience the life beyond her. Along this journey of self-discovery, she also helps other people to assimilate new ideas , frees spirit of limitations and encourages self-respect and respect of others. And so, she grows and blooms to become a more beautiful woman than ever. But orange, too, is self-centered, uncaring and egotistical. And well my friend, she was entirely different from it.

Instead, she is selfless, thoughtful and warm-hearted. And so, she is not Orange and Orange is not her.


In essence, she was Purple — the kind of purple that emanates intellect and creativity. Being constantly buzzed with new intriguing ideas, the curious nature of her personality encourages her to thrive and explore the unknowns in the universe. Her imagination takes her to a far away land devoid of ego where she can just dawn about the different possibilities and different mediums she can choose to help her reach her visionary of achieving more knowledge. But purple, too, is immature, delusional and pompous. And well my friend, she is entirely different from it.

Instead, she is a humble person for she knows there are still so many things to be discovered. Simply, her knowledge was still very much narrow. And so, she is not Purple and Purple is not her.

So what is she?

Well, she’s definitely neither black nor red, neither blue nor green, neither orange nor purple because at the end of the day, she’s more than all of them. She is a perfect coalesce between all of these colors, meshing into one to become the ultimate alpha chameleon — the chameleon that shines in the crowd instead of camouflaging in the dark.