Skin care to prevent wrinkles

Your growing age doesn’t mean that your face should bear wrinkles on it. It is possible for you to remove wrinkles. It is possible to look young and fresh. Wrinkles are just the result of our constant face expressions, age, and bad unhealthy diet.

If you are in the misconception that you can only possess wrinkles while ageing then you are certainly wrong because your diet and your emotion roller coaster of happiness and frowning contribute equally to your wrinkles.

How about some good news? The good news is that you can remove your wrinkles and have ever young and fresh skin. Few home remedies and you have a flawless face again.

  1. Drink water

Water kills impurities from the body. Along with that it hydrates the skin and gives it a pavement to breathe fresh. When the skin is hydrated it helps in keeping the temporary mutations away. The volatile molecules which are formed because of UV rays are killed when the skin is fresh and healthy.

2. Quit smoking

Smoking is the most harmful thing one can consume. It weakens the body system. It damages the collagen thus making skin more prone to wrinkles and blemishes.

3. Use home remedies

Home remedies are effective and are not very time consuming. Papaya is a very famous remedy to remove and stop not only mutations but also help the skin to stay fresh.

4. Work on your facial expression

Facial expressions contribute a lot when wrinkles are concerned. The more you frown the more wrinkles you invite. Your temporary expressions if often used are turned into permanent lines. So ensure you don’t frown, and have negative emotions much.

5. Don’t let sun effect your skin

The UV rays from sun affect your skin immensely. It affects the skin’s healthiness making it more prone to wrinkles and much unwanted things on face.

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