About Design Parts

4 min readMar 28, 2023

In this story, we will show the design parts available in CLINKme.

What are design parts?

Design parts is decorative items in CLINKme.

For example,You can separate each SNS link banners with a ruled line, or put a title on the each field.

General steps to put design parts are as follows.

  1. Log in and tap the Edit icon.
  2. Select the item you want to add ;from Spaces, Line, and Titles.
  3. Change display position by using arrow
  4. Save to complete !

Let’s look more closely at each step.

How to set up design parts

Log in to CLINKme

Log in from this page.

Edit your page from the plus symbol

Tap the Edit icon to open the edit screen.

Tap the + (plus symbol) at the bottom of the edit page.

A pop-up window will open to select Link Type and Design Parts, so choose Design Parts.

Selecting Design parts, you will see three types: Space, Line, and Title.

We will briefly explain how to use these.


Use this when you want to add space between links..

Space width can be selected from “small, medium, and large”.

Check the total balance to decide how much space is needed.


Line is used to separate links for each SNS,
or to delimit SNS or other contents (related links, etc.).

You can choose from a total of 20 types of lines, ranging from standard lines such as solid and dotted lines to more unusual types such as symbol of hearts, flowers, and dogs and kitties.

You can choose your favorite line color separately from the font color,
so you can create unique pages.

When changing the color of the Line, please be sure to tap the Apply icon to firm the color.


You can set a title column by entering text.

By entering the title of the SNS or page you want to introduce, you can make the page easier to view.

Adjust display position with arrows

Each edited field has arrows.

Tap the arrows to move up or down, and drag it to the desired display position.

Save to complete !

After adjusting the display position of the design parts, tap the save icon in the upper right corner to finish.

Here is the completed page with other design parts added!

By utilizing design parts, you can make it look more gorgeous and make it easier to see at a glance where the link is posted.

Create your own CLINKme by using Space, Line, and Titles !




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