How to change the share image

3 min readMar 29, 2023


The “share image” is displayed when you share CLINKme page on SNS.

This story shows you how to change the design of “share image”.

How to change the share image

Log in to CLINKme and tap Settings

Tap the Settings icon at the bottom of the home screen.

Tap “Change” of the “Image to be share”

Opening the settings page, look the “Image to be share” field.

Tap the “Change” button on the right.

Share Image Settings screen opens

You can choose from three types of shared images.

Let’s look at one by one from the top.

・Type 1

The first one is the “standard type”.

The default setting is this design.

・Type 2

The second type can also display the background image currently used on My Page.

Show your taste in CLINKme thumbnails.

・Type 3

The third type allows the use of images of your choice.

Recommended for those who want to use their own thumbnail images when sharing with friends or SNS.

Tap “Change” once you have decided on the type

Once you have decided on your preferred share image type, tap the “Change” button in the lower right corner.

Now done!

After changing the shared thumbnail image, share it on SNS !

This time, I set the one with my own image file.

※If the change is not immediately reflected in shared thumbnails.

If you already shared thumbnail images on SNS,
the new image may take some time to be reflected in.

Since each SNS has its own “this URL = this OGP image” linkage, it takes time for the OGP image to be reflected on each SNS.

Please wait a while until the SNS side is updated.

Enjoy CLINKme !

CLINKme allows you to create your own unique pages by plenty of backgrounds and various layout functions.

New features are scheduled to be released one after another, so stay tuned🐰

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