How to use GIF in background/image links

4 min readMar 28, 2023


Hello, I’m the guide of CLINKme.🐰
In the previous article, We showed [how to make the background color darker or lighter] as an advanced tips, and this time, this is an advanced tips as well.

In this Article, we would like to show how to use GIF as background images and image links!

\ Click here for how to darken or lighten the background color /

How to use GIF for the background

By using animated GIF instead of still images, It will further enrich your My Page in CLINKme.
First of all, we will show you how to put GIFs in the background!
Please wait for the later explanation on how to include GIFs in image links.

1. Tap Edit on My Page

My Page

The first step is to tap Edit at the bottom of My Page.

2. Tap Background icon

edit screen

Next, tap Background icon in the upper right corner.

3. Tap Upload

edit screen

Tap Upload icon that displays in the lower left corner.

edit screen

Then three choices will come up: Photo Library, Take a picture, and Select a file.
Select Photo Library and upload your favorite GIF image.
(*Only on iOS will the three selections come up.)

Since this time uploading from a smartphone, select Photo Library.
When you are using PC, select an image from the folder on your PC.

4. Tap Apply

GIF setting screen

After uploading the GIF image and confirming that the background has been changed, tap Apply in the upper right corner.

Then look at it!

Completed My Page

Now the GIF image has set up like this, completed animated GIF background!

How to use GIF as image links

Next, we will show how to use a GIF as an image link.

1. Tap Edit on My Page

My Page

As before, tap Edit at the bottom of My Page.

2. Tap “+”symbol

edit screen

Next, tap “+” to set the link.

3. Tap Button Type

selection screen

Now you can choose the Link type or Design parts, select Link Type and tap Button type.

4. Tap “Upload your own Image”

edit screen

Next, tap “Upload your own Image” and you will see three choices: Photo Library, Take Photo, and Select File. (*Only on iOS will the three selections appear.)

Since this time also uploading from a smartphone, select Photo Library.

5. Tap Save

Once the GIF is reflected in the image link, enter the URL and other description, and tap Save in the upper right corner.

Completed My Page

That’s it!

Now It got animated GIF image link.

Make your CLINKme stand out from others

By using animated GIF, it makes your page even more gorgeous.
Please try to create your own unique My Page by using the advanced tips introduced in the previous article and this one!




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