Make your own background in CLINKme

3 min readMar 28, 2023

CLINKme also allows you to set your own favorite picture as background ohter than prepared images.
This time, we will show you how to set images on your PC or phone as a background in CLINKme.

1. Tap Edit of My page

After signing in to your page from the CLINKme page, tap “Edit” at the bottom.

My page after signing in

2. Tap “Background”

Tapping “Edit” to switch to this screen, then tap “Background” in the upper right.

My Page

3. Tap “Upload”

Tapping the “Background” icon, “Upload” will appear at the bottom left, so tap here.

Upload Screen

4. Choose upload method

Tapping “Upload” on +, three options, “Photo Library”, “Take Photo”, and “Select File” will appear, so select the one you want to.
(*Only on iOS will the three choices appear.)

Since this time uploading from a smartphone, select “Photo Library”.
When you are using PC, select an image from the folder on your PC.

selection screen

5. Tap “Apply”

Upload your favorite image from the photo library and you will see this screen, then tap “Apply” in the upper right.

Screen after uploading

6. Tap “Save”

Tap “Apply” to switch to this screen,
Finally, tap “Save” in the upper right and you’re done!

Save screen

It looks like this!

Now done

Let’s set your own unique background freely!

This time, we explained how to set from a smartphone,
but please be assured that the method is almost the same when you upload from the computer.

It is a simple process that actually takes only a minute or two to do, so please try setting up your own unique background!




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