How to change Profile picture

2 min readMar 28, 2023


This story shows how to change the Profile picture in CLINKme.

1 . Login to CLINKme

First, Login from the CLINKme web page.

2 . Open Edit Screen

After logging in, click the Edit icon at the bottom.

Click the plus symbol on the icon to open various setting page.

3 . Choose a profile picture

You can choose from Photo Library, Take Photo, and Choose File.
*Only iOS comes up with 3 choices.

We will use the Photo Library as an example here. Select Photo Library to open the photo album on your phone, and tap the image you want to use.

Tap Choose in the lower right.

After selecting the image, tap Save to complete.

Profile Picture setting is now done!

Just by changing the profile picture, Look & Feel seems different?

Using a profile picture that matches the background image, you can make it even more stylish. Please enjoy CLINKme more by various settings!




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