How to set Theme

3 min readMar 28, 2023


In this story, we will show you how to set and change theme:background color.

1.Log in to your account

First, log in to your account page from the official CLINKme website or the official CLINKme LINE talk screen.

Log in from CLINKme website
Login from LINE Chat screen

※Please see here for details of how to create an account.

2.Open the edit screen from My Page

・Tap the Edit icon at the bottom of the page

2–1. Tap Edit

・Tap “Theme” at the top of the screen

2–2. Tap Theme

3–1. Please select your favorite color

Choose your favorite theme:color from the bottom of the page.

Choose your favorite color on the theme selection screen.

3-1.Select your favorite theme

Apply and Save the theme you choose

Once you have selected favorite theme, tap Apply at the upper right corner.
Then tap Save to complete.

3–2. Apply and save the image

3–2. Adjust colors from palette

Colors can also be adjusted from the “palette” icon displayed when selecting a theme.

・Tap the palette icon in the theme edit screen

palette icon

・Adjust color and transparency

Editing color on the palette, allows you to manually select colors and transparencies.

Color editing screen on the palette

After editing color, tap Apply the upper right corner and Save to complete.

[ Advanced tips1 ] How to adjust the color of the background image

Change the color of the “background image”

If you have set a background image, you can also add color to the background image by adjusting the transparency in the palette of the theme editor.

*For information on how to set the background image, please click here.

[ How to Edit ]

  1. Tap the Theme icon on the edit screen
  2. Tap the palette icon
  3. Select color and adjust transparency
Transparency adjustment

After editing, tap Apply and Save to complete.

[ Advanced tips 2 ] How to change the background color of the link

Change color of link background

The link background color can be changed in theme editing.

*For details on how to set up links, please refer to the articles “Setting Up Links [Image Type]”.

[ How to Edit ]

  1. Tap the palette icon from the theme edit screen
  2. Tap the link background
  3. Select your favorite color
Edit Link Background
Adjust your favorite color and transparency from the palette

After editing, tap Apply and Save to complete.
That’s all how to change the theme (background color) of CLINKme.

Adjusting the colors gives a completely different impression to the page!
If you combine the colors of the background and the link background with similar colors, you can create a unified and stylish page!




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