How to share your CLINKme page on SNS

4 min readMar 31, 2023


Many people can access your CLINKme page, by posting it on X(Twitter) and other SNS, or by copying the unique URL into your bio.

In this story, we will show how to share your CLINKme page and how to create a unique URL to copy this into various SNS bio.

1. Share your CLINKme page to various SNS

・Tap the arrow icon in the upper right corner of My Page

To share the URL of a page, tap the arrow symbol in the upper right corner in My Page.

・Tap the SNS icon displayed on the screen to share !

Tap the SNS icon you want to share to open the posting screen directly.

You can edit comments, etc. and post them immediately.

Select the shared image thumnail type

You can choose from three image styles for the thumnail image that appear when you share CLINKme on SNS.

First, open the settings.

Tap “Change” under “Image to be share.”

Choose your preferred thumbnail among three types.

2. Copy the URL into the bio of the SNS.

Copy the My Page URL to put the link in your bio, etc.

・Copy the URL

You can copy the URL by tapping the arrow symbol on the right side.

Go to the your SNS page and paste the copied URL into your bio.

・Share QR Code

You can also save the QR code displayed as below.

・Copy the URL to your X(Twitter) bio

Open the Twitter profile edit screen

Double-tap at the part where you want to paste the URL.

Tap “Paste” icon to copy the URL.

Paste the URL where you want to paste it

Tap “Save” at the upper right corner to finish !

Paste the copied URL and “Save”

Done the process of putting the URL to your X(Twitter) bio.

Everyone can now jump to your CLINKme page by tapping the link.

Completed pasting CLINKme’s My Page URL

・Copy your URL to Instagram bio.

Open the Instagram app and tap “Edit profile”.

Open Instagram’s profile edit screen

Then, tap the “Add Links” in the edit screen.

Tap “Links” in the edit screen

In Links, tap “Add External Link” and paste the URL.

Double-tap the blank space to display “Paste”.

Paste URL

After pasting the URL, add a title and tap ”Done”.

Paste the copied link and tap “Done”

Now you’ve put the URL into your bio.

Tap the URL to access your CLINKme page.

Paste completed

Putting the URL into the bio of SNS and other sites, so that they can access your CLINKme page.

Besides Twitter and Instagram, you can copy it on any page on your website, blog, etc., so please share CLINKme page more and more!




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