The Skilled Labor Cloud and the Empowered Worker

Clint Chao
Nov 14, 2017 · 7 min read
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The Era of the Empowered Worker Has Arrived

Crude Analysis

Waste Full?

Compology sensors detect bin fullness and garbage type

“I Want to Reinvent College”

Minerva’s Active Learning Forum: Virtual Access to Teaching Talent

Digital Plumbing Unleashes Physical Magic

Is There a Doctor in the Cloud?

A Description of the Call9 Service

The Skilled Labor Cloud

Call9 Changes the Game for Patients and Doctors

All Industries Can Benefit from IT Connectivity

Michelle Ash, CIO of Barrick Gold, Issues Challenge to Mining Industry

Clint Chao

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Early stage VC with Moment Ventures, investing in Future of Work startups. Investor at Flowspace, Pod Foods, Rafay, TARA, Swing Ed, OwlCam, Astound and more

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