“My Experience so far at Andela Bootcamp !!”

Experience(s) are in different stages of one’s life!! Whatever you choose to do with what you have experienced is up to you…. It could be a lesson for “PROGRESS”, “RETROGRESSION” or “STAGNATION!”

My experience at Andela bootcamp is one that I would never stop talking about. My life is moving at a pace that I can’t even explain. Cultivating the habit of reading,researching and collaborating is a distinct growth I have experienced. Today’s project made me realize the importance of collaboration towards success, I had to research, ask questions from my peers, superiors and anyone with like minds because I have to get it done regardless of all odds and obstacles. The amazing thing about a challenge is when you have finally conquered it, your knowledge on that thing has increased, it doesn’t leave you at the spot you were before attempting it.

Learning the usage and importance of the 7c’s(Clear,Concise,Concrete,Correct,Coherent,Complete and Courteous) a powerful and effective tool of communication has undoubtedly and drastically improved my communications skills verbally and written. I would make bold to speak anywhere or write any article regardless of whom it may concern because I have the key and I have also harnessed it, thereby making it useful to my everyday life. Its been a wonderful experience so far.

I have no bounds!! I am limitless!! and Everything is achievable!!! My experience in bootcamp has taught me all these.