I am not sure why you are even mention borat (circa 2005) in this article.
Syed Rahman

Because Borat made him a global superstar, and became the model he works with today. The English guy making fun of foreigners. He comes to America and makes fun of Americans. He DOESN’T simply make fun of Trumpers. He has a bunch of characters who are stereotypes, liberal conservative and across the board. His humor isn’t informative, it is smug and self-indulgent. Whay doesn’t he stick to the garbage in his own country. There are plenty in England. He a jerk.

Here is a great explanation from the New Yorker: “Every segment of every episode is designed to leave the viewer feeling not so much appalled — something a sentient being in today’s America experiences many times a day — as finally enlightened: the ultimate explanation for what’s happened to us is that everyone is a moron.”

Who is he to say that?