During the 1990s then-First Lady Hillary Clinton called some African-American youth “superpredators.”
Is Trump a Brand-New Weird Existential Threat to the Republic? Not Even Close.
LA Progressive

False equivalency, like most of this article. It is a part of the schtick spread by of the gang of liars following the Bernie cult, fed to them by the Republican gang of liars under Trump. She did not call “some African American youth” superpredators. As politifact reports, “Clinton — in the midst of championing her husband’s 1994 crime legislation — did use the term “superpredator” when referring to “gangs of kids.” She did not specifically label superpredators as African-American.”

She was a Civil Rights lawyer when Bernie Scumbag was an unemployed deadbeat dad. And Trump was evicting blacks from daddy’s apartments.

Your dirty lie was used to link Clinton exclusively 1994 Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act, which was given as the reason for mass incarceration among black Americans. That is a lie. The mass incarceration was set off by the separation of crack cocaine use from powdered cocaine use in 1987. The 1994 law would only have applied to Federal crimes, which are only 13% of prisoners. Furthermore, the Congressional Black Caucus supported the bill and Bernie Scumbag voted for it.

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