Terrible comparison in fact you can’t compare the two.
Lindz Marie

I ask the relevant question, “What is the methodology, here?” And you take the survey on face value, and try to emotionally manipulate the conversation the way feminists always do, by saying sensationalist horseshit like this: “But you clearly believe that a woman who is wearing barely any clothes is asking for rape.”

You are no different than a Trump voter, when I question their anti-immigrant sensationalism. Your Trump-voting sister would say, “But you clearly believe that Mexican gangs should come into our country and murder Americans.”

That’s because conservatives and feminists are coming from the same place: the entitlement of whiteness to be right.

So, back to cogent reason. No, men don’t always get arrested for breaking the law. You are a woman. You would not understand that. When I go out with a woman, she talks to cops freely. I avoid them. Because of experience.

My grandmother asked me to call the cops to report her car stolen. The cops appeared on my doorstep. One of them asked me in a hostile way who I was. I stuttered. He charged in the door to apprehend me. My grandmother intervened to stop him. You are a woman, a white woman, too. You would never get that. I live among black men. They never ever, ever, involve the cops. Even when it is their right. (On paper.)

As a young white woman in the South said to me, smiling: “A cop is a girl’s best friend.”

We live in a society that incarcerates more people, overwhelmingly men, than any society in the world in raw numbers and per capita. Ninety percent of the street homeless are male, a de facto crime in most states.You are a woman. The justice system works for you. The society works to keep you off the streets. You never have to think about those things.

Social scientists know that self-reporting is the least reliable form of data collection. That’s because you can get any answer you want by asking the right question and defining the answer any way you want. Self-reporting is also the most common form used by feminists.

Let’s say I use the standard among feminists that if a woman has a drink, she cannot consent. I then ask women if they ever had sex after drinking. I will probably get 80% of women answering yes. I define all those women as rape victims. I release a headline: Eighty Percent of Women Report Being Raped. The media will pick this up as a fact because it is sensationalist.

Let’s say I use the standard of affirmative consent. This states that unless a man asks and receives a Yes before every move, he is guilty of rape. I ask women if they ever had sex without every move asked and answered. I then release the inevitable answer as a headline: One Hundred Percent of Women Report Being Raped. The media can’t resist this headline, and it becomes a fact. That’s sensationalism. That means your dad, your boyfriend, and every man you know is a rapist. And you are a child of a rape.

If someone asks a woman what she thinks about before she goes out, she may have a ton of answers that have nothing to do with rape. If you ask what they do to prevent rape, you will have 100% with an answer.

If a surveyor asked me what I think about before I go out, I would answer, “Make sure I have my wallet and keys.” If they asked what I do to prevent arrest, I would say, avoid cops and certain parties, where fights are prone to break out, or drugs may be present. A woman was once chatting to me about how maybe she would go to a party tonight. I said, Yeah, I don’t do that scene anymore. She laughed and said, “Yeah, you’re a man. It’s different.