Well, for what it’s worth, I do agree with you on a couple of points.
D.A. Kirk

One of the great delusions of politics is “both sides are to blame for the division.” This is objectively nonsense. The Roosevelt Democrat wanted to build things, better society. Boomers came of age and, although their hippies had a high profile, data shows majorities of them voted Nixon/Wallace, Nixon, Carter, Reagan, Reagan, Bush, Bush/Perot, Dole/Perot…and we know very well Trump’s mob skews overwhelmingly Boomer. My point? They are Generation Reagan, who promised to destroy, not to build.

The primary aim of Boomers from their youth was to tear things down. Anything else is too much work. It was great when they tore down oppressive things, but they mostly have been obsessed with tearing down anything that resembles a government, or civil society. And they hired Republicans to do it. Anyone who denies this must only ask what on earth “shrink government” means besides destroying it piece by piece. Boomers destroy things and leave a gaping hole rather than replace them. They destroyed the mental health system due to egregious abuses, and then allowed the mentally ill to go untreated on the streets and in jail. In the heyday of their youth, the 70s, they literally ran around destroying everything. They spread chaos though cities and gutted them with fire, garbage, junkies, crack heads and criminals. They spent the 80s running every functional institution Democrats built into the ground. They cut taxes for millionaires, who ran down to Wall Street for fast cash, abandoning imploding factories, workers and America’s industrial base. They did it all with the leadership of Republicans, Democrats fighting a rear-guard all the way.

THEY (establishment politicians on both sides) didn’t fail to successfully build bridges between the two sides, Republicans refuse to build bridges (literally, in fact) as a matter of policy. Cooperation means more government. They want less. They are quite open about it, yet the media and many refuse to see that in the cause of being fair-minded. Establishment Democrats are at once accused of not building bridges, and on the other hand, compromising all the time. Which is it?

Establishment Democrats are the only adults in this whole country. The fact is, Democrats like to legislate. That means the left hates us for compromising. And the right hates us for not giving them their way on everything all the time. Take the ACA. The plan was conceived by the Heritage Foundation. Gingrich offered it as the alternative plan to Hillarycare, when he was trying to kill her bill. After killing it, he walked away. Mitt Romney passed it in Massachusetts. Republicans sat in on weeks and weeks of meetings to construct the law. Democrats did not put in a public option to lure Republican votes. Upon getting their wishes on a plan THEY created and helped shape, Republicans then stomped out of the room and rallied the Tea Party against it, with the express purpose of destroying Obama with it.

Some Independents are like the teacher who walks by two kids and says, “You two need to learn to get along and work together,” while one kid is smashing the other kid’s head with a rock. I used to be like that. You can’t force two people to work together when one REFUSES to. Democrats have worked a miracle by getting anything like the ACA done, with Republicans running around with a blowtorch. Democrats spend eight years putting out fires, only to have to do it all over again.

Indy cool politics is for those who can afford it. I’m, a Democrat. It was never was a contest, and here is why:

A poor family goes to the political system and says, “Please help me, I’m hungry.”

The libertarian says, “You should have thought of that when you chose to be poor.”

The Republican says, “Maybe you should have some pride and pull yourself up by your bootstraps.”

The Green says, “Did you know that America is bombing countries all over the world!”

The Democratic Socialist says, “That’s a shame! We can’t make progress until we get rid of corporate Democrats!”

The Democrat hands them a can of milk and a box of generic cornflakes.

The libertarian and Republican are outraged at the government handout.

The Green and the Democratic Socialist are furious at how the Democrats are “bought and paid for” by corporate farmers.

The family eats.