Democratic Socialists Stage a Summertime Comeback
Washington Post

This, unfortunately, is what DSAers call significant victories. Chasing someone from a restaurant. A ballot measure in bluest of blue LA, which any Democrat would agree with if the whole country were LA. A rare victory in the Bronx due to the Intercept giving a one-off high profile in a district of half a million, where only 29,000 bothered to vote. As a freshman Congressman, she would have to stay there for years even to affect her own district, and already she is flying off to Kansas and doing talk shows. That’s the problem with this for of “progressive” leftism. They think weak symbols are progress. A small clique of coastal bourgeois lefties get all excited in a media echo chamber, confusing symbolism and small victories for revolutions. Vanity revolutions for Whole Foods purer-than-thou wealth classes.

Bernie still came in third in a recent New Hampshire poll. The DSA is still a mess, and 55% of voters in a Quinnipac poll said they would not vote for Bernie.