A Few Things that Surprised Me During My First 3 months at Lambda School

photo credit: thinkmaze.com
  1. The developer communities inside and out of Lambda School are extremely helpful and considerate of others. Almost everyone acts as a contributor, student, and teacher simultaneously. I wish other communities were more like this.
  2. The genius and devil are in the details. Learning the nuances of the basics and the simple laws by which each area/topic act allows developers to be more creative and ‘genius’, but if those small attributes are ignored, then they will become road blocks and there will be gnashing of teeth.
  3. Turning on a camera during lecture or screen sharing with anyone else makes you more accountable and in my opinion much more productive.
  4. Online learning is a two-edged sword. I save about 2-hours a day in commuting/walking compared to a traditional classroom, but it is extremely difficult to not get distracted. I am constantly telling myself to stop looking and thinking about irrelevant content. Fellow students can actually be a big distraction — similar to traditional classrooms — OR they can really enrich the learning experience by being thoughtful and focused.
  5. A recorded lecture is amazing to have at your own use. Use it. Speed it up if you like. But on that note, a live lecture gives me much more life than a recording — especially if my camera is on.
  6. I miss face to face social activities — for me, this is where a traditional school wins vs Lambda School. However, proactive students can make many friends and build amazing projects if they reach out to people at Lambda. And I have found no shortage of incredible people at Lambda School.
  7. And I’m constantly evaluating the good and bad of Lambda School, something I did not do at my past University. I’ve decided that I need to do this less because I’m at Lambda School to improve myself. I’m happy to give 5 minutes of feedback each day for Student Reviews, but I’m going to limit it there. Also, there is so much hype around Lambda School, and I’m constantly surprised to how Lambda lives up to that hype, but sometimes I just need to ignore it and learn to code.

Find me on Twitter at @CherbertK and DM there if you have specific questions about my experience at Lambda School. My best to you!