Great Escape

Credit: Henrik Sorensen/DigitalVision/Getty

With every Facebook post you like, tweet you send, or question you type into Google, you’re giving the internet strength. Feeding the algorithms. Paying the advertisers. You’re also helping to fill server farms that will ultimately be replaced by bigger server farms, effectively anchoring the internet in the real world…


Wayde van Niekerk. Photo: Andy Lyons/Getty

Two years ago, at the Summer Olympics in Rio, Wayde van Niekerk ran the 400 meters in 43.03 seconds. Before the South African sprinter could catch his breath, the announcers had already cast his record-setting run as an unbelievable feat of human performance. “I can’t believe it!” howled one. “He…

Clint Carter

Writer for publications such as Entrepreneur, Men's Health, Men's Journal, New York magazine, and Wall Street Journal.

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