Charlottesville: What Happened and What Young People Can Do
DoSomething Editors

Seriously? Almost everyday innocent American civilians are killed by Muslim terrorists and by Black Lives Matter protesters and you take no stance. Now all of a sudden a few people who have declared themselves to be neo-nazis, but for some reason are only identified as “white people” by the media, kill one person and all of a sudden you are all outraged by terrorism? It’s funny that when Black Lives Matter protesters chant “death to all cops” and call for white people to be killed, or when Muslims extremists throw gay people off of roofs nobody bats an eye, but when a much smaller group of obviously screwed up people says the same thing about black people or Muslims then you are horrified. You only care now because the offenders are white and this helps to serve your twisted agenda. Whenever any other race does something bad it is always called an “isolate incident” but when a white person commits some similar offense we are all grouped together and our whole race is blamed. I liked this blog because I thought the people who were a part of it actually wanted to make the world a better place but clearly you are just like the mainstream media and only have one narrative to push.