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One piece of the article that I left out on Tuesday was supplements. Eating a high fat diet with one Paleo meal per day, by itself, won’t deliver the micronutrients my body needs, especially if we want to live in a state of peak performance. I get asked frequently what I take on a daily basis, what brands, what doseages, at what times, and why.

I’m not a nutritionist and none of this should be construed as advice, just sharing my experience. Before taking any supplements, consult with your doctor first.

Here’s all of it, with links to supporting resources:

Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs)

When/How Much: 10 grams pre-workout, mixed with Stevita. I then drink 10 grams during my workout and 10 grams post-workout.
Which Brand?Optimum Nutrition
Why?I have been training fasted for years, following the LeanGains protocol recommended by Martin Berkhan. He wrote a great article about that here (read it). I noticed a significant difference in performance training fasted without BCAAs versus when I take them.


When/How Much: 10 grams daily, mixed with Greens plus at lunch.
Which Brand: Primaforce
Why: Studies have shown that creatine improves your brain function. I also love the increased strength and endurance it provides for my workouts.

Greens Plus Organic Superfood

When/How much? I take 2–3 scoops of Greens Plus mixed with water at lunch.
Which Brand? Greens Plus
Why? Variations of whole food supplements had been recommended and I kept hearing about Greens Plus. In the time since I’ve started taking it, I’ve never been sick (3 years). One serving delivers more vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants than 4 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables while supplying every color in the Dietary Food Spectrum. With a high-ORAC* superfruit blend and 2.5 billion dairy-free probiotics, Greens Plus Organic Superfood Raw helps to promote: higher energy levels, body detoxification, healthy aging, and immune function.


When/How much? Every other day, mixed with water, first thing in the morning
Which Brand? Bulletproof
Why? Recommended and produced by Dave Asprey, I’ve found Gabawave to help with my sleep and increase my focus during the day.

Unfair Advantage

When/How much? Every day, mixed with water, first thing in the morning
Which Brand? Bulletproof
Why? CoQ10 w/PQQ promotes heart and nerve cell function, rebuilds and restored mitochondria, increases performance of workouts. I’ve found my energy to be higher and better focus while taking it.

Bulletproof Aging Formula

When / How Much? 1 capsule daily, first thing in the morning
Which Brand? Bulletproof
Why? Oxaloacetate has been shown to improve brain function and mimic the anti-aging effects of caloric restriction. I’ve noticed better focus while taking the product. Read the studies here


When / How Much? 1 capsule (500 mg), taken daily after lunch
Which Brand? Jarrow Formulas
Why? I read about the benefits of Turmeric (the active compound in Curcumin) in Grain Brain by Dr. David Perlmutter. Studies have shown Curcumin to have powerful antioxidant properties.


When / How Much? 1 capsule (1000 mg), taken daily after lunch
Which Brand? Resveratrol Extreme Juice
Why? Tim Ferriss referenced Resveratrol in both The 4 Hour Body and The 4 Hour Chef. I read about it again in Grain Brain. Studies have shown benefits for anti-aging and brain function.

Alpha Lipoic Acid

When / How Much? 1200mg taken after lunch and dinner
Which Brand? Best Naturals
Why? Tim Ferris recommended Alpha Lipoic Acid in The 4 Hour Work week and I read up on its ability to regulate blood sugar levels and antioxidant properties.


When / How Much? 1000mg, taken right before lunch and dinner
Which Brand? Nature’s Bounty
Why? Tim Ferriss recommended using cinnamon in The Four Hour Body to reduce insulin spike after eating. Studies have supported this claim.

Vitamin D

When / How Much? 1000 IU per 25 pounds of bodyweight (so I take 10,000iu daily), first thing in the morning.
Which Brand? Purity Products Vitamin D3
Why? I’ve read in multiple places about the benefits of Vitamin D. Dave Asprey does a great writeup here.

Vitamin K2

When / How Much? 2,000mcg per day taken in the morning
Which Brand? Life Extension
Why? It was recommended in The Bulletproof Diet and I cross referenced the recommendation with other studies and articles. I was most interested in its brain health properties.


When / How Much? 600–800mg per day, taken before bed
Which Brand? Doctor’s Best
Why? Magnesium has been shown to help cells produce metabolic energy, supports optimum nerve function, and improve sleep. I was most interested in sleep, and I’ve found it most effective before bedtime.

Vitamin C

When/How Much? 2 grams daily, taken after lunch
Which Brand? Solaray
Why? Vitamin C is needed for collagen and connective tissue formation and has been shown to have powerful antioxidant properties.


When/How Much? 1mg per day, taken after lunch
Which Brand? Pure Encapsulations
Why? Iodine is crucial for proper thyroid function and metabolism, can enhance immune function, and prevents brain damage.

EPA/DHA (Krill Oil)

When/How Much? I take 3000mg of krill oil per day at lunch.
Which Brand? Jarrow
Why? I’ve been taking high doses of fish oil for years after reading about the brain, skin, and benefits for athletic recovery and reducing inflammation. I then read about the dangers of low quality fish oil and switched to Krill Oil to get the recommended EPA/DHA dose. Dave Asprey does a great writeup here.

Vitamin A

When/How Much? 15,000iu per day, taken at lunch
Which Brand? Green Pasture
Why? Dave recommends Vitamin A in the Bulletproof Diet — a vitmain found primarily in organ meats like beef liver, kidney, and heart. Since I’m not eating a lot of organ meats, I supplement with Vitamin A, as it plays a role in numerous metabolic reactions and bodily functions.


When/How Much? 200mcg per day, taken at lunch
Which Brand? Life Extension
Why? Recommended in Bulletproof, Selenium is a heavy metal that has been shown to boost immune function and protect against neurodegenerative disease.


When/How Much? 1mg per day, taken at lunch
Which Brand? Life Extension
Why? Copper is needed for proper vascular and heart function. Although beef and lamb liver have massive ammounts of copper, I don’t eat those on a regular basis so I supplement to meet the recommended 1mg per day.

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