a business is like having a band

in the early days of starting band your band sucks.

you don’t suck. But the band does.

your music sucks. But you don’t…

You just don’t have it all worked out.

Your friends come out and listen to your band crappy, cheap venues. They support you.

With time the band gets better. Your music gets better. You get better.

The band starts to develop a small following.

(you start to make enough money to regularly pay your bills and rent)

in 5 or 25 years you make it. Sold out shows, world tours.

In a word: Success.

Most bands never get there. They die somewhere along the way.

Band member feuds. Drugs. Lack of vision, skill, or love for the music / band. Quitting.

— — — — — —

I never had a band. Maybe one day.

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