Is this about equality or equity? I think this is about both. By deciding that one region of the world will or will not have access to a book is, in my opinion, not providing equal opportunity. I might be able to make an argument against it if the book was in a language that is not prevalent in that country, but India is very much an English speaking country and we even have authors who write in English. Yet, we do not get access to great works of other authors. I expect the same to be true regarding Indian author’s books being available here. However, I cannot comment on that because I have not been recommended one yet. :)
What is worth fighting for?
Kriti Khare

I would expect a lot of books are easier to get in North America than in India. Because of the higher buying power of the dollar it is an ideal market and as such there is better distrubution throughout North America. I dont think it would be intentional to make it harder to get items such as certain books in other countries, as much as it is an effort to make them easier to get in their target market places.

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