5 Reasons your Staten Island Business Needs a Blog in 2017

According to a GE Capital’s research study, 81% of consumers do their research online before buying any product or service.

This means, as a business owner, you have to find ways to interact with those consumers while they are online if you want them to find your business and buy your products or services. And one of the most effective tools for doing that is a Blog.

A Blog is simply a collection of daily or weekly posts, like the one you’re reading, that are published by a business or person on the Internet. Those posts are similar to newspaper articles, except for the fact that with a Blog, you get the added benefit of having ongoing conversations with your readers by allowing them to post questions and comments.

The purpose is not to directly promote your company but rather, it is an opportunity to answer questions, share your expertise and knowledge and build relationships with potential customers.

That said, here are the the five main reasons why your Staten Island store, or office needs a blog in 2017

1-More visitors — Blogging will help you attract more visitors by showing your business’s website to more people, more often on Google. To understand how this works you need to think of Google traffic like fishing.

In fishing, the more baits you put in the water, the more fish you’ll potentially get . On the Internet, the more articles or (baits) you publish, the more of your web pages will be indexed and shown by Google, and therefore the more people will read your blog posts or visit your website.

2-Competitive advantage — Having a blog helps your business stand out from your competitors. It allows you to demonstrate your expertise in your particular field and to build trust with consumers by providing them with quality information with respect to those matters most important to them.

Over time, they will think of you and your business as a credible go-to resource when in need of reliable information. In turn, that will lead to a greater number of people wanting to do business with you and your company instead of other businesses in your industry who don’t have a blog and therefore can’t cultivate such a close relationship with the marketplace like you do.

This is especially important if you have a small business and are trying to gain credibility to compete with larger companies.

3- Customer loyalty — A blog is an open communication channel with both your existing and potential clients. As such, it makes it easy for you to step in and address any issue or complaint they may have. And because they feel taken care of, they will reward you by coming back to your business for more instead of going elsewhere.

4- Greater brand recognition and public awareness — A blog is a powerful tool for creating more public awareness for your business, as many readers are likely to share your articles and posts with their friends on Facebook, Twitter and other online platforms. That increased awareness will then make it easy to turn your social media followers into buyers because of the fact that their relationship with you had started long before they set foot into your store or office. Now they no longer view you as a total stranger which makes it easier for them to do business with you.

5-Evergreen, long term benefits

You’ll continue to enjoy the traffic, the leads and brand recognition generated by your blog posts for days, weeks, months or even years after publishing them for the first time on the internet.

So there you have it! These were the five main reasons why your local business needs a blog in 2007.

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