Same Sex Marriage — The White Pride result no-one dares talk about

Clinton Mead
Nov 15, 2017 · 4 min read

This is a different sort of white pride result. It’s not a white pride result you’ll hear Pauline Hanson or the usual white nationalists rejoicing in, and it’s not a white pride result you’ll hear Sam Dastyari and the politically correct left condemning.

But it is what it is.

Over the following days there will be further analysis of the ABS results, but one thing is already clear. White people voted yes, and non-whites voted no.

There will of course be exceptions to the rule, but the statistical trend is quite strong. Antony Green points it out:

Here’s a map of the vote in Sydney:

Some may argue it’s about religion. But the heavily religious Hills and Northern Beaches, and the Sutherland Shire, still recorded strong yes votes. Some will claim it’s the Islamic vote, which is undoubtedly part of it in some areas, but doesn’t explain the full story.

Consider the electorate of Fowler, which returned a yes vote of just 36%, 26 points below the national average. Only 6.4% of people report themselves as Muslim, and considering the number for Greater Sydney is 5.3%, Fowler is hardly a Muslim enclave.

The most popular religion in Fowler is Catholicism. But again this isn’t exceptional, 26.7% against the national average 24.7%. There’s no a wave of conservatives Catholics opposing same-sex marriage in Fowler.

So what makes Fowler unique to produce such a strong “No” result in a safe Labor seat? Well, 89% of residents of Fowler have at least one parent born overseas, and 76% have both. The top four countries those parents were born in are Vietnam, Iraq, China and Cambodia.

Why do we see yes votes in strongly religious and conservative Liberal seats, and no votes in Labor seats, where Christianity is at similar levels and even Islam isn’t particularly high.

Why did a conservative, more rural state like Queensland, produce a stronger yes vote than NSW? The differences in the Islamic vote size isn’t great enough to explain the difference.

Why has Ireland, with an 85% Catholic population, and only 10% irreligious population, far below Australia’s figure of 30% irreligious, produced a stronger result for same-sex marriage than Australia?

Indeed, Ireland, with it’s 85% Catholic population, has legalised SSM before the Czech Republic, with conversely almost 85% of it’s population not identifying with a religion at all.

There’s little other conclusion one can reach than that white people, even Christian white people, vote yes significantly more than non-whites.

It’s the one consistent pattern. It’s about white culture versus non-white culture.

This is the uncomfortable truth few in politics want to mention.

What do I mean by white culture? It’s not a perfect categorisation, but none other describes it so accurately. I’m talking about people from Western European background, in Australia predominately Anglo/Saxon/Celtic. Basically what people think of in Australia when you say “white”. They are your “Yes” voters.

You may find “Yes” voters not in this category, but I suspect a significant number of them will be people who have immersed themselves in Anglo-culture, often to the disagreement of their parents.

Of course, you can find “No” voters in this crowd, everyone is an individual, but the stats are clear. White people tend to vote yes.

This puts two sides of politics in uncomfortable positions. The conservatives and nationalists have talked about maintaining our culture and values, but the foreign invaders, blamed for the decay of our culture, have been the ones who have most strongly voted to preserve it.

But perhaps the left is in an even more uncomfortable position. The haters and the bigots, as it turns out, are the minorities they’re apparently seeking to defend. We’ve heard from the left that people who oppose SSM are unenlightened dinosaurs with no place in today’s society, well who have they called unenlightened dinosaurs? Muslims, Asians, and pretty much every non-white group in Australia who clearly voted no in greater numbers.

The fact is, same-sex marriage is a white thing. As has been misreported in the media, it was not the case that every English speaking country has legalised SSM except for Australia, only every white English speaking country has legalised SSM.

And what have the left done during this debate? A nasty attack with implications of being bigots and unenlightened on anyone who opposed SSM. And what could be clear even from a cursory glance at which countries have legalised same-sex marriage across the world, they would have known that the culture they were calling bigoted and unenlightened where, quite simply, non-whites.

The left have committed a cultural beating of minorities with their rhetoric from their privileged position that should make Richard Spencer proud. They knew who opposed SSM, but they were unrelenting. This was not an accident.

The left will be celebrating, but the uncomfortable truth for them is what they are celebrating is a result that is drenched in white privilege and white pride.

These are the contradictions of identity politics.

Clinton Mead

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