Building an Idea

If your reading this your probably either an entrepreneur or have dreamt about being one. About a month ago my wife and I were in the car having a regular married couple conversation when an idea popped into our heads. You know that moment when you say something and the other person completely gets it, that's what happened.

I mentioned how I had been following a company for about a year now through social media and they organized like-minded people and put them together in cool locations around the world. I thought it was so cool and something I wanted to attend myself because I love travelling and meeting new people. I can’t count how many times I've met someone unique when travelling. Whether it was a flight to Vancouver or when I lived in Spain for 6 months, I always ended up being able to strike a conversation with strangers and found it exhilarating.

The purpose of this blog is to carry you on our journey of starting something special; the good and the bad. After our initial “ah-ha” moment in the car that day, we decided to embark on a journey together and start something we are both passionate about. Starting any type of business or project is no easy task and we both realize that, but for some reason this feels different. Our idea feels like something we were meant to do together and therefore it’s been an easy decision to pursue.

So far we have done a great amount of research on our market and developed a few areas where we want to focus on first. We have conducted research with some prospective customers and have gotten great results thus far. Further cementing in our brains that we might have something special, but we know the road ahead will be wobbly and full of bumps.

We plan to keep everyone updated with new improvements, recent successes, our struggles, as well as our official launch date. We want to share our journey with everyone and be able to connect with as many people as possible. Maybe it’s a coincidence we named our company Connected Getaways?

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Connected Getaways

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