Debate: VueJS vs. ReactJS
Pavel Malos

I started frontend development about a year ago. When I started then, Angular 2 was getting popular. I started with the basics and got enough of it to build something. I started a project with it but later realised I needed a way to manage my application state. I didn’t know then about Redux and the likes.

Hell steep learning curve! I could never wrap my head around them. Learning Redux got me into RxJx. Learnt them from guide to guide, but I could never understand the workings of it. I could ‘set up' for sure, but because I didn’t really understand them, it was difficult to manage it as application state grows.

I thought, may be Angular is not the right choice for me. I got started with React, went through the guide, but soon realised there was this large amount of resources I must know to draw the power out of the library.

Then Vue came to the rescue! There is of course always a hard decision to make when choosing between a popular framework and an easy or better to use framework. We are not just learning these libraries for fun, only, we want to get jobs and others. So it took me some time to settle with Vue. And I’m really happy Vue is growing so much now. If github allowed me to give a start a day, I will give it all to Vue 😋😋.

Vue is good. I love it. I don’t know what more I can say. I understand it. The docs are easy to read and digest.

Clinton Yeboah.

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