Every Internet Provider is Playing YOU

Im going to keep this note short —

Internet Service Providers (ISP) are all playing the game of “We have EVERY solution to EVERY problem”, we have all dialed out on our iPhones at one point with confusion and anger towards the ISP for slow internet speed.

My reasoning/solution for your Internet Speed Problem:

  • ISPs are going to tell you that it’s time to upgrade your internet because the occupants in your home are exceeding the allocated amount of bandwidth that you are currently paying for.

This is correct 50% of the time.

Remember when your ISP came out to your home to install your internet and get you online? Remember when they provided the free WiFI Router/Modem when you sign up for a internet package?

Please read carefully

Your ISP is providing you with an incentive to purchase a internet package because of the “FREE” word that their sales-person used when they sold you the package. They are giving you a free WiFi Router — Sounds great doesn’t it? Did you know that the wifi router that they are giving you is never going to output the actual speed you are paying for?

So where am I headed with this?

When you call them about your slow internet speed they are ALWAYS going to sell you on upgrading your internet package to a higher speed. Yes — they may come out to “Troubleshoot the problem”, but their walk away will always be, “it’s going to be best to upgrade your package”.

  • That is not the solution. Upgrading your WiFi Router to a high performance router to get the highest output possible is your first step. The free router that they give you will never come close to the performance capability of a high performance router.

What does that mean?

You will never get the speed your paying for out of the current router you have. Never.

Routers need to replaced. Every 2 years. Your internet speed — that’s the last thing that should be upgraded.

If you feel that you are a victim of your ISP — you are not alone. Please call me and I would be happy to consult with you on any issues that you have through your home or business.

I will bring the solution to your problem with a one time cost. Rather than a recurring monthly cost.

Clint Payne

Owner, CP Creative


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