10 Podcasts I Listen To

To stretch my brain, I do a Morning Mental Exercise (MME). Part of it is to create a list of 10(ish) things each morning. Sometimes, I publish them.

Today… 10 Podcasts I Listen To:

  1. Stories From The Influencer Economy: The Ryno Lab — Ryan Williams interviews influencers about how they make their own success. The podcast ties nicely with his website and super actionable first book, The Influencer Economy.
  2. The Digiday Podcast — Straight-laced industry podcast on the stories and issues affective brands, agencies and publishers.
  3. Keepin’ it 1600 — Jon Favreau and Dan Pfieffer, former advisers to Prsident Obama, host a political podcast that isn’t boring and comes from an Obama Majority / #ImWithHer vantage point.
  4. Innovation Crush — Chris Denson interviews a diverse set of disruptors who work in ideas and innovation.
  5. The Slow Hustle Podcast — Peter Awad brings the antidote to the go-go-go Fast-Company wheel-and-deal media that permeates startup culture. He and his guests dive deep on the challenges entrepreneurs have of moving forward, dealing with rollercoasters, and maintaining balance and relationships.
  6. Steal the Show with Michael Port — This speaking coach and actor delivers tips on how to bring your best presence to any stage and best connect with your audience.
  7. Rebel Radio — Josh Levine interviews cultural pioneers, rebels who define what we we wear, listen to and play with. Heavy on urban culture — EDM, hip hop, street fashion, entrepreneurship, youth, etc.
  8. Microphone Check — Ali Shaheeed Muhammad of A Tribe Called Quest and NPR Music editor Frannie Kelley host NPR’s hip hop interview show.
  9. Mixergy interviews — ✎ Andrew Warner interviews entrepreneurs who mentor audience of ambitious listeners (that’s us) to overcome issues that cripple founders.
  10. Winners & Losers in a Digital Age — L2 Founder Scott Galloway hosts a deep dive on “who is thriving and who is dying in a digital age.” Scott’s voice is refreshingly provocative and humorous, compared to other marketing/biz podcasts.

What are you listening to? Anything you’d suggest?