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I just wanted to share something with all you Boston fans about Jaylen from his time at Cal as I am a pretty big Cal basketball fan and alum of the school. His numbers at Cal were greatly impacted by how poor of an offense that Martin ran and to certain extent the type of roster that Cal had. Cal often had games where they would average less than 10 assists per game and they relied entirely on one on one play. Tyrone Wallace was not a natural point guard, came in as a wing player that we played at point guard because we had no one else. I’d describe his play as a player that had tunnel vision. Considering Jaylen was pretty much asked to create off of one on one matchups, I think his numbers at Cal are actually fairly decent. Anyways you guys have seen him all year and know that he has a lot of potential. Just don’t think that his numbers at Cal are a red flag. It was just a poor offensive team with a coach that was not a good offensive coach. He was asked to create his own shot off the bounce when as you guys have seen, he is better at this point at getting his feet and spot up shooting. Good luck against the Cavs. Jaylen’s defense will be key in the series. It’s asking a lot but hopefully he can come through.

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