Why Hundreds of Thousands of People Are Rallying To Save Last Man Standing
Joshunda Sanders

My family watches Last Man Standing because it’s funny! It’s one of the only shows we watch consistently. We don’t watch because Tim Allen’s character is conservative. The show is entertaining, unlike many other sitcoms on air now. For example, I hated Dr. Ken, it just wasn’t funny. However, my family and I also like Modern Family and Blackish, again because they are funny and entertaining shows, not because of any political or social issues.

I find it interesting that the ABC President defended the cancellation of Last Man Standing, the second highest rated comedy show of the network, by lumping it in with other shows which were clearly poor performing shows, like Dr. Ken. She is either not very intelligent or thinks that we are not. Her justification makes no sense. The cancellation of Last Man Standing may not have to do with Tim Allen being conservative, but there has to be something else going on for this to make any sense whatsoever.

And I did sign the petition simply because I don’t want to see a great show get tossed away without a fight.

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