I may never win an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, or Tony. But damn it, I will touch all the awards.

I have never won an award in my adult life, nor do I expect to. The kinds of things I am exceptionally good at — eating pasta with red sauce, smoothing over an awkward conversational silence by commenting on how the furniture has a kind of je ne sais quoi

Hand warmers are items of care, meant to be shared among friends and lovers

The sun, which is perhaps best known for either devouring the wax wings of poor Icarus or being soaked up by Sheryl Crow, is a dazzling force unparalleled. Resplendent and glorious, the sun, which is simply responsible for all life on Earth, burns at 15 million degrees Kelvin, a measurement…

Nearly a year into the pandemic, these unexpected chats are my greatest joy

A friend who I am very fond of but don’t necessarily keep in regular touch with recently emailed me on a bcc-ed list with the subject line, “Your Birthdays — I need em.” She was asking for people’s birthdays and mailing addresses to add to her calendar. …

How I Got Radicalized

This scene from ‘Charlie’s Angels’ proved you could have it all — hot friends and socialism

Welcome to the first installment of “How I Got Radicalized,” a new series at GEN that tells a story about a cultural moment — a TV show, commercial, character, song, book, musical, etc. — that made you drastically rethink how society works. Here’s how you can pitch us.

For an…

For young people, layoffs are now part of the fabric of working life. It’s taking a deep toll on their psyches and careers.

Jayme Brown always knew she wanted to teach; her mother and grandfather were both teachers and she knew she was good with kids. But when she got to San Francisco in 2013 for an unpaid internship tutoring at a nonprofit, she needed to make money to live in an expensive…

The Whiplash Decade

What began as cheerful anarchy was devoured by vulture capital and ruthless consolidation

This piece is part of the The Whiplash Decade, a package on the wild ride that was the 2010s.

AtAt the beginning of 2015, Alex Balk, then-editor of the now-defunct website the Awl, wrote a post of advice for young people in which he supplied three laws about the internet…

Clio Chang

Freelance writer based in Brooklyn.

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