The Secrets of Capturing High Quality Product Photos with Your Smartphone.

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The beginning of your smartphone photography

From ancient time, man has always been interested in capturing his moments of life in the form of picture. That’s why we find many cave arts, artifacts dated to ancient time. And now, digital camera, DSLR and smartphone, — all of them bring revolution the field of photography.

A good product photography Services is very much important for e-commerce stores, advertisement makers, banner, or brochure designers. If you are a product Photographer and want to elevate yourself on a professional level; you must think about a highly good quality photo capturing device.

It is good to go for a DSLR. But as it is very much expensive, your smartphone can be a good alternative.

Smartphones! Really?

Yes, I mean it. Here in this article I am going to give you tips and tricks How to Capture High Quality Product Photos with Your Smartphone.

Choosing the right smartphone

For product photography, a proper configuration of smartphone is essential. Many high quality featured smartphones are now available. But the important fact is to choose the right smartphone for product photography.

A standard list of smartphone features for product photography is —

  • 8 to 16 mega pixel camera
  • Video Recording HD (1080) at 30 frames per second with audio
  • Autofocus
  • LED flash
  • Image stabilization
various type smartphone picture

You may buy a phone from any brand, but make sure that it has auto focus and a maximum amount of pixels is available.

Accessories are important

A lot of accessories for photography with smartphones are available in the market. So, it is tough to find out the right accessories. I am here to give you some suggestions.

Mobile Accessories Picture
  • Backdrop: A white or light gray background can be used to give the images a clear and consistent look. A sheet, rolled paper, foam board, or a wall can be utilized as backdrop.
  • Table: Use a table to hold your product in a high and steady strict position. It will make the photography easier with a smartphone.
  • Light source: Different light sources are available in the market. But my opinion is, you should use the natural light source. Set up your products, camera etc near the window. If natural light is not enough or unavailable, go for large lamp or something like that.
  • Image stabilizer: In smartphone photography, camera or image stabilizer is needed. For this, tripod, stand or such stabilization equipment is can be used. In many smart phone auto stabilizer is a preset function. Because of a Lack of a good image stabilizer, blur image may disappoint you.
  • Lenses: Some smartphones have the provision of adding external lenses which can be used with smartphones.

Go for the right apps

A large of number of apps are available for shooting, editing and sharing the images. At first, try to use build-in apps on your phone. If it is not sufficient, you may go for Google play or App Store.

Mobile Apps Picture

Let’s shoot

#1: Preparation:

At first, find out a proper position where ample amount of natural light source is available for your product photo shoot. Set up your table and background. Then stabilize and position your smartphone. Take care of the extra details of your products i.e. price tags. Also be careful about the dust and minor damage on the product.

Preparation for Capturing Photo

#2: Capturing of photo:

Now I am going to tell you the procedure of capturing photo by using a smart phone. This step by step procedure will make your smart phone Photography easier.

Capture Product Photo

a) App settings adjustment

Before capturing photos, check the settings of your related apps. It will help you to get the best image. Turn on your Zoom and grid features. Live exposure mode will allow you to read your camera’s auto exposure settings as the camera adjusts it.Turn on Auto save option because it will determine that in which drive (storage medium) of smartphone your photos will be saved or stored. Set your image quality as high as possible.

Mobile Apps Setting Picture

b) Camera settings adjustment

Now it’s time to adjust your camera settings. Change the manual exposure settings to get the best light within the frame. Zoom in or zoom out to get all the product details within the frame. Set the white balance according to the light temperature. Exposure and focus settings must be fixed before starting a photo shoot.

Setting Camera for Capture Product Photo

c) Capture Photo

Everything is ready? Let’s focus on our main task- capturing the product photo. If you like to get a close shot, use your lenses to capture close-up detail shots with a macro lens or use a telephoto to zoom closer. Switching lenses and/or zoom lengths will allow you to capture additional angles and create multiple images for your product. It will raise the overall appeal of your product. If you are satisfied with your captured photo, choose option i.e. “Save and Remove,” “Save and Keep,” or “Save Without Edits and Keep.

Capture Product Photo

#3: Give a final touch- Edit your photo

A huge amount of photo editing apps is available for android, widows or i0S. Choose your apps compatible with your smartphone. I recommend you some basic adjustments that will enhance your images: Crop & Straighten, Sharpen, Contrast, Shadows, and Vibrance.

Final Image-Capture Product Photo

That’s all about product photography with a smartphone. If you can follow the instructions, tips and tricks mentioned above; surely you will win. Because you do not need to buy a DSLR.

Moreover it will make your customers happy because you have given them quality product images. It will increase their trust and boost up your e-commerce sell.

Happy smartphone shooting!