SAP, Your Digital Marketing Prowess Is Showing

Everyone knows SAP. Being a well-known leader in enterprise application software was a good thing for SAP, until it wasn’t. As evidenced by the customized solutions SAP created for it’s enterprise clients, at it’s core, SAP had the soul of an innovator and ambitions beyond enterprise software. SAP’s Better Run World campaign aimed to broaden the perceptions of SAP from enterprise application provider to innovation partner. To pursue this opinion shift, SAP strategized the Better Run World campaign as a supplement to its larger Invitation to Innovate campaign which focused on increasing overall demand. #BetterRunWorld became the catchy hook to force a rethinking of SAP’s offerings and capabilities.

SAP questioned the best ways to reach out to customers, contribute to innovation conversations and determine which innovation messages would resonate and illustrate SAP’s innovation partner progression. How could SAP capture the attention of it’s audience while also cultivating a broader awareness of SAP’s innovative solutions? SAP decided to first listen and observe innovation chatter around the world. Using it’s Social Media Analytics software as a giant set of global ears, SAP embarked on a social media listening tour and collected data on innovation inspiration, associated topics of innovation and where innovation discussions were taking place worldwide. Making it’s Social Media Analytics software the center of this campaign was a strategic choice that yielded the dual benefits of data collection and a first-hand demonstration of the usefulness of its Social Media Analytics software. The analytics informed SAP’s audience outreach efforts but also became an enticing piece of content for their website when the data collected was displayed as an interactive worldwide innovation conversation heat map.

Photo: SAP All Rights Reserved.

SAP used this campaign to highlight the application of their innovation solutions and tell the story of how their products could empower customers and improve the efficiency with which their world runs. For me, it was most intriguing how SAP highlighted the problem-solving nature of it’s innovation solutions software and subtly put the product’s benefits front and center while educating it’s audience about SAP’s broader capabilities as an innovation partner. SAP’s use of multiple social media channels, from an innovation inspiring playlist on Spotify, to fun polls and slideshares, to blogs and videos showing SAP’s innovation solutions improving the lives of customers was critical to raising awareness of SAP’s innovation partner capabilities.

The Social Media Analytics software also enabled the refining and optimization of SAP’s content by utilizing channel specific tracking codes to determine what content was performing best and which messages were most appealing. SAP’s strategic election to design the Better Run World campaign around it’s Social Media Analytics software was substantiated by the results of the campaign. 11 million impressions on Twitter, 2.1 million impressions on Facebook, almost 30,000 landing page views and 42,995 new Twitter followers were produced over 10 weeks of the campaign. These results showed SAP’s success in evolving perceptions of it as an innovation partner. The Better Run World campaign also exhibited SAP’s social media marketing prowess #betterruncampaign.