Take a moment of your life to connect the dots. Just five minutes, maybe.

Each morning, I make it a practice to walk outside of my home, and then standing there in a few minutes of silence as I look up at the morning sky and appreciate how amazing life really is.

Most of the times, I would be thinking about what I am currently doing with my life and whether I am doing it because I have to or I simply refused to look at the other options that have been presented to me all along.

I’m not sure whether this is meditation. But to have a moment alone with myself and reserve that moment to think, I feel it is one of the best decisions I have made in my life. Because this gives me the opportunity to connect the dots.

Some people have worked for the same company for more than 25 years and when I asked them, “are you happy with your work” and most of the times, I’ll be getting the Yes. Perhaps their works look boring and repetitive to other people. However, for those that I’ve asked so far, they are happy with what they are doing at the moment. So you see, it’s not about the 9–5 or the never-ending office works. What I’ve found is this: if you are happy with what you do, then that’s the whole point!

But, if you are not, then why should you deprive yourself from your own pursuit of happiness?


There is no one universal rule for everyone. Everyone has their own preferences and their own definitions of, living a life.

But if you feel that you are merely passing by the years with endless meetings with your boss, tedious paperwork and being told to run around by your boss and letting your frustrations known to your spouse and kids at home, then I guess that is the time when you should really start to review the work you are currently doing.

The world, I guess this much is known, is a wonderful place filled with limitless possibilities and opportunities. It is not a place where it is only reserved for an exclusive group of people. It can happen for anyone who dares to believe and pursue.

Sure, the hard time is going to come but just remember that if it is not hard enough for you, then that means what you are pursuing does not mean much to you to start with.


I also believe that it is never too late to start over. If you are not happy with the results from yesterday, then try something different today that could bring a different result instead.

I want to do something about it because I believe I deserve something better for my life. Restless nights, anxious minds, the dread for the outcomes; these are all parts of what is going to make the journey that much more beautiful.

Just remember that, if you are holding yourself back from doing something you love, sure you can continue to live your life normally and probably your life would not be affected at all. But the constant dread of the what-ifs, that feeling is probably going to stick with you for the rest of your life.


Think about it: if you could at least give it a go, you might lose (true) but you will also learn from your defeats. In the morning, when you decide to take a walk and have a moment of reflection about your current standing in life, who are you reflecting your life for?

I guess the answer to that question could mean a whole lot more than you think.