A Monday Night in August

Summer in Rochester has many benefits. Perhaps most simple are the sounds. Tonight that means a Nature Serenade.

Fripp Island is weeks behind, it is increasingly more difficult to stay away. After 26 years it is time to make our move.

And what’s our move? Good question... ☺


That is what I hear. Forward with the life I have been given to steward. Forward toward the life I desire in my heart. Forward with the woman, dare I say Queen, with whom I am enamored.

Our move is forward. Pursuing Christ. Freed by Grace.

What does all this means? Please allow me to explain.

Many years ago I committed to my bride that we were moving home. Home is the Low Country South Carolina. Where her story began. And where it will continue.

So we are planning to move. We are putting plans together and taking steps toward transistion. It is going to be an exciting journey between here and then. Our life has always been. And now we’d like to share it with you.

In short, we are going to launch businesses online and invite you to follow the journey. We are seeking to build a network of hope in support of entrepreneurship. This network will reach deep in communities around the globe.

Anyway, I digress. I began this journal tonight in order to write a bio. You see, the first steps of this journey have happened.

Now I just have to figure out how to introduce myself to Fripp.

Let’s try this.

I am a journeyman entrepreneur. I am neither outstanding, nor greatly accomplished. Thus far my journey has taught me that relationship is the greatest value we can create.

I am something of a hopeless romantic. I do easily get lost in the stars, but don’t take enough time to do so. I fancy myself a writer. I ponder real life and interweave fiction. Largely because that is how my mind works. Here one second, then lost to curiosity.

I’m just a normal man who is greatly loved.

Journey with me.