The 6 BIM Wastes | Lean Construction | Building Information Modeling


We mapped out the BIM Management workflow and found these “6 BIM Wastes” you should probably target to increase your BIM efficiencies:

  1. Scope Waste
  2. Model Waste
  3. Poor Design
  4. Waiting
  5. Rework
  6. BIM Admin

BIM professionals hear conversations like this on a regular basis:

Jennifer (the Building Owner):
“…but I thought that BIM was going to save time and money on our project?!?
Ben (the Project Manager):
“unfortunately we experienced many clashes and we had to rebuild many parts of the model due to owner changes”

In order to support a Lean Construction workflow, we applied Value Stream Mapping to BIM Management — attempting to find some of the main causes of waste in the BIM workflow.

We uncovered these 6 causes — read more details in this blog: