What is LOD 500?

Clive Jordan
Sep 27, 2018 · 2 min read

LOD 500 is a fun one 😅 — here we’re talking about a Level Of Development definition used in BIM (Building Information Modeling) planning workflows.

Let’s first take a step back — on a typical project we start with an idea, propose and coordinate with others, go build it and then operate and maintain everything for the life of the building.

The example below (from Trimble) shows a Building Information Model (BIM) progressing with more elements, more detail, and also maybe more maturity, reliability, accuracy, information — you get the idea.

As we move from left to right it’s more more more:

Curtosy of Trimble

The concept of LOD 100 through 400 can help us to define that project progression — however…

LOD 500 has been more difficult to define and understand.

Should LOD 500 define the requirement for more elements, more geometry, more accuracy and more information?


Clive Jordan

Written by

Fighting “Evil BIM” @PlannerlyAEC

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