Post-launch follow up

About a month after we’ve launched you’re site, we’re going to review it. We’ll be looking to answer the following questions, at a minimum:

  1. Are you getting any visitors? Answering this will give us an idea of how people are arriving on your site and what they’re doing.
  2. Has any new content been added to the site? Most sites are content-managed now, so we’ll have a look at some newer content you’ve published and give a little feedback on it.
  3. How is Google indexing you? Has your ranking improved? Are you getting more visitors from search engines? Is Google indexing the new site properly?
  4. Have you had any reports of problems with the site? If so, we’ll explore them and look into possible improvements.
  5. If we’re hosting the site for you, is the server meeting demand?
  6. Did we fulfil the aims of the brief? Is the site meeting the needs of your business? What went well and what can we learn from anything that didn’t go so well?

We normally expect the review to take around an hour and afterwards we’ll put our findings in an email and get it over to you. Depending on your support and maintenance agreement, we’ll then either schedule any necessary fixes or make recommendations for additional work.

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